5 Most Anticipated Cars In 2021

2020 was indeed a year that threw the world off-balance and a lot of activities and production were put on hold.

But, gladly, 2021 seems to be better. The pandemic has been controlled and people are now carrying out their usual activities and car manufacturers cannot wait to show off what they’ve got.

Are you a car lover and you can’t wait to see the latest cars of 2021? Then you need to brace yourself for it because the cars are going to be hot. We are going to give you a list of the 5 most anticipated cars in 2021 so you can start making your choice.

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Audi e-Tron GT

The competition in the car industry is very stiff and most manufacturers are following each other steadily. Porsche had released their electric car and now Audi has also joined the electric cars. It is ready to join Tesla with its latest Audi e-Tron GT. Its battery system is 800v and it charges very fast. It is coming into the market at £79,000 and it is the first electric model of all Audis.

BMW ix

Are you a fan of the BMW products? Then you will love the ix version, it is one version you should anticipate in 2021. One of the features will be its 500 horsepower from the set up of a twin motor. Although the i3 version was unique with great speed, you should expect more with the ix.

Ford Bronco 4-Door

Do you love the Ford version? It looks like they’ve been away for a while, but it’s time to anticipate the Ford Bronco 4-Door. But they are coming back in full force with its new electric version. And Bronco sport. Their newest version will be launched this year and it’s a 4 door model, turbocharged engine, and it has a nameplate that is reborn.

GMC Hummer EV

When Hummer was first introduced to the world, it was on everybody’s lips. Well, you don’t know what is coming because the latest Hummer is going to be an electronic car all around. Although they have migrated to GMC, the changes aren’t much. It is still as bulky as it used to be but it’s going to be powerful and amazing.

Honda Civic

Although it is almost like most people prefer SUVs and crossovers, some people still prefer compact vehicles like the Honda Civic. They keep coming back with a better brand each year and this time around their latest release might not be very amazing outside, but the interior will be something else. The interior will be a touchscreen and just a few buttons. Wait for the latest version that will be launched towards the end of spring in 2021.

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